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We can give you the training that would allow you to quickly gain valuable extra experience and positive driving skills that would otherwise take a long time to acquire.

The Pass Plus costs £175 for a minimum of 6 hours tuition.

There are 6 different Pass Plus modules, they are Town driving All-weather driving Driving out of town Night driving Driving on dual carriageways Driving on motorways.

There is no further test to take

When your instructor is satisfied with your performance you receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency. This certificate will entitle you up to a 33% discount from major insurance companies off your initial premium and you may also receive discount if you are added on your parents or partners car insurance. With the average first time insurance being £1720 a 33% discount represents a £573 saving which more than pays for the pass plus course.

What's more... taking Pass Plus might just SAVE YOUR LIFE and won't cost you a penny with the savings recieved on insurance.

Laleham School of Motoring will show you the skills of advanced observation and hazard awareness that can prevent you from being involved in a dangerous situation or even a major collision

The Pass Plus gets you extra training required for safe and confident driving on todays roads. Thousands of young drivers have saved substantially more than the cost of the Pass Plus on their insurance cover in the first year after passing!

But the savings go on. . . and on. . . and on. . . so don't delay, speak to us about Pass Plus - Contact us Today!

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Pass Plus

Aproved Driving Instructor